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Tom Rothwell

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Web developer and
graphic design

I'm dedicated, determined,
passionate, and creative.

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Tom Rothwell

I am a freelance web developer from Doncaster in Yorkshire. I'm friendly and outgoing, and deeply passionate about design and technology.

I'm from one of the first generations to grow up with computers and I can honestly say that I don't know what I'd do without them. What I enjoy the most is learning about how they work and using that knowledge and skill to help clients develop their online presence.

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I'm determined to build a successful brand. I follow all the latest trends in design and technology, and I'm keen to show people what I can do.


I have a very critical eye for detail and I work hard to achieve clear and consistent design. I am a great believer in doing things properly right from the start, no cutting corners.


I design and build bespoke modern websites from scatch. I like to focus on clean design that reflects the clients brand and gets the message across in a clear and concise way.


My love of coding and design overflows into my surroundings. I firmly believe that you bring the best out of yourself when you do something you are truly passionate about.


I am 100% committed to the cause. When I take a project on, I'll stop at nothing to exceed expectations, and I'll work tirelessly to ensure I get it finished on time.


In my spare time I like to ride different roller coasters all around the world. I want to take my clients on a ride that makes them excited about their brand and business.

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